Frequently Asked Questions

 (Q). How does the Flex Rental Container Program work?
(A) The Flex Rental Container Program is based on a 3-year commitment.  At the end of the 3rd year, you the following options:

1. We will reduce the rental by 50% for as long as you would like to keep the equipment in service.

2. Return the equipment.

3. Replace the equipment with new equipment. 

4. Purchase the equipment for 35% - 45% of the original acquisition cost
 (Q). What is the process to be approved for the Flex Rental Container Program?
  (A). Many hospitals are preapproved however, there may be a need to fill out a simple application. In most of these cases, the approval process will take only a few days.

  (Q). Do you have a minimum number of units that we can rent?   
  (A). We currently do not have a minimum number of units

  (Q). What happens if the equipment is damaged? 
  (A). In addition to the OEM Manufactures warranty, we have contracted with Northfield Medical to provided repairs for damaged equipment. However, you are responsible for keeping the containers in working order.  

  (Q). Can you rent other equipment such as sterilizers, case carts, and tables?      
  (A). Yes we specialize in renting all SPD equipment